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How to Set Up a Website

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 @ 10:38 am by ProBlogit.com

I have written a similar topic to this before, Setting Up a Blog, but it was not so detailed compared to what I have written at Sehdi.com.

I wrote this blog entry, How to Set Up a Website, on the assumption that you already registered a domain name with a domain registrar and signed up for a web hosting account with a web hosting provider.

Just like in my previous posts, I will use DreamHost on how to set up a Website in this example as I am comfortable using DreamHost being its customer for three (3) years now. I also like the features that DreamHost offers.

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How to Get a Web Host

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 @ 10:45 pm by ProBlogit.com

Getting a web host is simply choosing a web host and signing up for a web hosting account with a web hosting provider. Choosing a web host may not be as easy as you think because you need to consider a lot of things that you need for a Website. But signing up for a web hosting account is as simple as registering a domain name.

You just follow the instructions just like when you register a domain name. After a few minutes, after signing up for a web hosting account, you can already set up a Website.

I wrote about this topic on how to get a web host or how to sign up for a web hosting account at Sehdi.com. It is a follow up to my blog entry on how to register a domain name.

I used DreamHost as the web hosting provider to illustrate to you how to sign up for a web hosting account. For one thing, DreamHost offers a free trial at the moment.

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How to Register a Domain Name

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 @ 11:20 pm by ProBlogit.com

Registering a domain name is very simple but I still wrote about it in case someone would like to know how to do it. This is let you know what to expect if you decide to register a domain name. This topic is related to problogging summary guide to starting and implementing a blog and how to start a website.

But I wrote how to register a domain name at Sehdi.com, not on this blog. I especially used GoDaddy as the sample domain registrar because I like the features of GoDaddy.

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How to Start a Website

Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 11:30 pm by ProBlogit.com

I recently wrote a blog entry at Sehdi.com on how to start a Website which is related to problogging summary guide to starting and implementing a blog. This time though I used the word Website instead of blog. I simplified it a little bit but made a lot of referencing to the articles I wrote on this blog.

If you are planning to start a Website and not a blog, this might help you. I especially added two (2) very important points when starting a Website, adding the domain name and setting the nameservers, which I failed to mention on this blog when I wrote the topic on how to set up a blog.

So, if you are neither into blogging nor problogging but you would like to have a Website, read the article, How to Start a Website, at Sehdi.com.

Blogging and Problogging Priorities

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 @ 9:28 pm by ProBlogit.com

This blog and my other blogs which were not updated for the past few months have not been neglected. I am just into simply blogging right now, not really into problogging. I have not been exploring the problogging business that much so I really have nothing to tell you. But I have been updating my other sites, where I earn a little bit, at least once and sometimes twice a week except if I am on vacation.

So far, updating the sites once or twice a week is paying off. So, I am paying more attention to those sites than this blog. As I have written before, you have got to know your goals and priorities. If you need to make some changes and change your focus, just do it. As for myself, I know which sites to prioritize because more people are visiting those sites than this blog and my other blogs. Only that, I was not able to update this blog at least twice a week.

But I will try to find other topics to discuss in this blog, not only about opportunities. I already started writing about the search engines. I might also discuss about social media and other topics in the near future. So, stay tuned!