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Registering a Domain Name

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 @ 11:18 pm by ProBlogit.com

Registering a domain name is not all complicated. If you are registering a domain name, clarify what kind of payments the domain registrars have. Most of the domain registrars accept credit cards, and sometimes PayPal payments. Local domain registrars where you reside sometimes accept checks. If you have no credit card, no PayPal account, and no checking account, then it becomes complicated. Your other option is to make a bank electronic transfer, perhaps the old style bank telegraphic transfer. That is if the domain registrar allows bank electronic transfer or telegraphic transfer. If not, then your only option is to register the domain name at the domain registrars at your country of residence where they can send you the bill without any problem.

The downside of registering your own domain name is if you have no credit cards, no PayPal account, and no checking account. It normally happens to students who would like to start a blog with their own domain name only to be confronted with this problem. The only option for them is to have a free subdomain name available in the net like at Blogger’s Blogspot.com, WordPress.com among others. Another option is to ask friends or parents if they can use their credit cards.

How do I register?

In my case, I use a credit card and I always register at GoDaddy.com as I find it very professional. Then, the platform is good, the price is reasonable and affordable, and in my opinion, the features inside are superb.

If I would like to register a domain name, I just go the website of GoDaddy.com, and look for the domain name if it is available by supplying the word at the “Start a Domain Name Search” form. I always choose the “com” top-level domain name. Once I click it, the page will show me if it is available or not including the “net”, “org”, “me”, “info”, “mobi”, and “us” top-level domain names. That way, I know immediately which ones are available if ever the “com” is no longer available. I just follow the instructions and after a few minutes I already own a domain name.

I also normally register the domain name for 5 or 10 years so I do not have to renew it every year. I normally look if the domain registrar has a promo too. That way I can save money even if it is minimal. If the domain name is good in my opinion, I register all the “com”, “net”, and “org” top-level domain names. In a way I protect my brand and online image even if my blogs or websites are not that popular yet. I also keep the others from owning a name that draws readers to them rather than me.

What about Domains By Proxy?

Another thing that I also normally would like to avail are the services of Domains By Proxy. Domains By Proxy offers domain privacy services, in effect hides our personal information from being posted in every domain registrars every time someone views the “WHOIS” search page. The additional cost could be like registering one domain name already. Domains By Proxy prevents others especially the spammers and scammers from getting my personal information like telephone number and home address. Domains by Proxy does not offer true anonymity but suffice to say in a way it prevents my personal information from being vulnerable from the prying eyes.

If you have no problem with your personal information like telephone number and home address being posted on the net, then it is fine to register the domain name without availing the services of Domains By Proxy. Actually having the domain names in our names is not bad as it shows that we are the legal owners of the domain name. Domains By Proxy says of course that we are still the legal owners of the domain name.

What about other domain registrars?

Other domain registrars that I can access at the moment are NetworkSolutions.com, Yahoo.com, Namezero.com, and Dreamhost.com aside from the domain registrars in the Philippines and Switzerland. These companies are also offering web hosting. The features of the first three companies are not as good as GoDaddy’s features, in my opinion. Dreamhost so far is fine. Features wise, not bad at all, not probably at the level of GoDaddy yet but as I see it, better than the first three companies. Maybe because Dreamhost is one of my web hosts and I know how its control panel works. I can also access Yahoo as a web host but control panel wise, Dreamhost has better control panel.

Why I encourage you to have your own domain name separate from availing it free via web hosting? You see, there are some web hosts out there which will gladly host your domain name for free. I suggest that you get that feeling first being hosted for free and if you are ready for the challenge, you can avail of their own paid web hosting or begin searching for another web host. If you are satisfied using the free web hosting being provided, then good for you.

So, are you ready to register your own domain name now? If you are, hop on to a website, have your credit card ready, and start registering your own domain name!

If you would like to register at Dreamhost.com? Can I refer you to Dreamhost.com by using my referral link, http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?342709?

If you are not using my referral link at Dreamhost.com, no problem. I just thought of asking you. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the reason that if you are opening an account with Dreamhost as your web host, I will be earning from it. But if you are just registering a domain name with Dreamhost, I will not be earning from it. But if you register your domain name at GoDaddy using my referral link, I will earn from it.

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