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Things to remember when Writing Content for a Blog

Monday, April 20, 2009 @ 11:38 pm by ProBlogit.com

There are a lot of things to consider when we are writing content for a blog. Other than the title, the ethics and best practices in writing, I have identified two things to remember that are important when writing content for a blog.

1. Defining our niche and remembering our niche

The question is, isn’t it that we already defined our niche before we even started problogging? Yes, but it is always advisable to remember our niche when writing content, for focus. When I am writing content for this blog, I always think about the topic of this blog. I need to remember what my blog is all about so I will not write beyond my blog topics.

If you noticed, I am still at the introductory level, writing the basics of blogging and problogging especially for new bloggers and probloggers. I find it really necessary to be writing about these topics to give the new bloggers and probloggers some tips and ideas on how to start a blog and how to setup a blog.

Despite writing about the basics of blogging and problogging, I keep remembering that this blog is about writing tips and ideas, reviews and opinions on problogging, on making money online. But then, writing the basics of blogging is part of writing tips and ideas for new bloggers.

2. Defining our market and remembering our market

This is simply saying that we need to remember who are our target readers. My target market or my target readers for this blog are those who would like to start blogging especially problogging. I would like to share my thoughts, my ideas, my opinions, and my experiences to others who would like to venture into problogging like me.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who have been blogging for quite some time already but do not know the potential of making money online by problogging. There are those who are already into problogging but have not really explored other means of making money online other than what they are currently doing. The experienced probloggers are also welcome, who knows, they will also learn something from new probloggers.

What to do now?

In your case, please define your niche and target readers again. In what area are you good at? What would you like to write about? Who are your target readers? You have to remember that when you write something about a topic you know nothing at all, your readers will notice it unless if you have specified that you are in the process of learning too. Focus on what you know and expound it.

Is your topic broad or specific? Example of a broad topic would be writing about cars or even sports cars. The specific topic for this would be when you concentrate on a particular brand or a particular model. Your target market of course are car lovers and even those who are scouting for a new car or a sports car to buy.

Most people would like to write and read about the popular topics especially controversial topics. What are the popular topics for blogging?

There are a lot of popular topics to write about like the entertainment and movie industry, the television programs and soap operas, the celebrities, the rich and famous, even politics and religion. We always say that two of the topics we should not discuss are politics and religion as these topics are very sensitive. But if you can handle it, go ahead, write about it if it is your forte.

Well then, I have written that there are so many things to consider when writing content for a blog. But for us to start and be able to focus on our writing, we always need to remember these two things, our niche and our target readers. The point of knowing your niche and target readers is, have you and your readers learned something from what you wrote?

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