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Choosing a Topic or Niche for your Blog

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 @ 11:05 pm by ProBlogit.com

Upon reading the title, you are probably thinking again that I have written about this topic already. Do not stop. Continue reading. I just know that some of you could not decide what topic to pursue. Most of us have a lot of things in our mind, and you are probably thinking you know a lot of things but could not even figure out what to write for your blog.

I will give you an idea on how to come up of a topic or niche of your choice.

2009-04-where-are-you-good-atKindly take a pen and paper, go out of your house, find a quiet and nice place where you will not be disturbed by any computer, television or radio. It would even be nice if you are somewhere in the park or garden, perhaps near the lakes and mountains. Just breath some fresh air.

Then sit down comfortably, relax and start listing all the things that you know you are good at doing and accomplishing.

Well, you do not like to go out. Fine, sit back and relax, turn off your television and radio.

Sit down comfortably please, relax and start listing all the things that you know you are good at doing. Kindly list everything please that you can think of that you are really good at. Anything. Everything.

After you have listed those things, classify them under the following categories:


You might as well include MEDIOCRE as below GOOD.

So, you have listed everything and have finished categorizing them. Think again of other things that you can include at the list under the categories GOOD, BETTER and BEST. Anything.

Ok, now take a look at the list, think clearly on how are you going to explore the things that you listed under the BEST category. While you are reading them you think that it is probably not too feasible to discuss the things that you listed under the BEST category. Take the ones under the BETTER category then. That way, you still have some room to explore. Since you still have to know things for you to become the best in that area, then you are definitely in for a quest, for an adventure, and for additional knowledge.

Explore again, list all the possible things that you can do under those things that you can actually write about. Explore the broad topics, then explore the possible specific topics. What would you like to do, discuss the broad topics or the specific topics? Your choice.

Do not forget to consider your target readers too. Do you think you will have enough readers for the topic that you choose? Do you think your readers will like your topic? It is not just about what you think but also about what your readers think. But since you have no idea what your readers think, and that is a fact, then just follow your heart.

Either you choose the broad topic or specific topic, list again the possible subtopics that you can discuss with it no matter how trivial they are.

You see, before I started this blog, I have already listed the topics that I am going to discuss. I have listed 96 categories including the specific ones. I could have listed more but I did not include everything when I was listing them. I just thought that I can always add them later on.

With that, I already know what to write in this blog and in what sequence. It is just a matter of putting it into writing and publishing them.

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