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Content Writing, Commenting and Google AdSense

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 @ 10:52 pm by ProBlogit.com

Have you noticed that I have been writing about Google AdSense? Well, Google AdSense is a proven and tested advertising program where you can really make money online. Google AdSense is the first advertising program that I joined. But I have to warn you, it take times to earn money from Google AdSense if you are not writing often for your blog.

I will not say that it was a mistake on my part because I rarely wrote content for my blogs for the past few years. I just did not regret anything. I still write whenever I like to write and whatever I like to write. I just do not write for my readers only, I also write for myself. I just do not find it right when I will write content for my blogs for my readers only even if the readers will enjoy the articles. I really find it necessary that I have to enjoy writing for myself as well as for my readers. That way my readers and I will both enjoy and learn from what I wrote.


I have been repeating over and over again about content writing. I am actually discovering now that the more I write, the more people read my blogs. Even if I do not have a lot of commenters, I really do not mind. I know that I have readers on my blog. If they do not like to reveal their identity, I respect that as I also value privacy.

Do not be discouraged because no one is commenting on your blog. Commenters will comment on your blog if you comment on their blogs. It is a two way process and you have got to learn that. In my case, it is just my nature that I do not comment too much just like most of my readers who remained anonymous over the years. I have to tell you though that it is not because I do not like commenting, it is just that I actually have been very busy with web designing.

But now, that I am into problogging, I will eventually let those bloggers and probloggers know that I have been visiting their blogs and in one way or another have inspired me to venture into problogging. I know what it takes to maintain several blogs and websites. So I know that it is not going to be easy to venture into problogging. And that is what you have to learn once and for all, that problogging is not easy. If you are going to start problogging, you have to commit yourself to it.

So what does Google AdSense have to do with content writing and commenting? Well, it is a fact that the more you write, the more people will visit your blog. The more you write, the more you comment on other blogs, the more people will notice you. If people have more articles to read, more articles can be searched, more articles can be found, and it could lead you to receiving an earning over time.

If you have more articles, the more advertisers will advertise on your blog, the more relevant ads your readers will see on your blog. You can do that with any advertising program but I am especially mentioning Google AdSense as this is the most popular advertising program where you can really make money online. I also have proven that you could in fact earn money from Google AdSense.

Let me deviate a little bit, if you are already blogging a long time ago, then you placed some ads on your blog, you will eventually lose some of your readers. The truth is, readers and commenters come and go. Some will stop reading your blog because of the ads, but to tell you, it is the way you write and the content of your blog that make your readers come back. I do not think that you will lose your readers because of the ads.

The time you will lose your readers is when you stop writing for yourself and for your readers, that is when you start writing content for the advertisers and advertisements only. If you lose your own interest and the interest of your readers, you will eventually lose your advertisers too. Advertisers offer their services because you have readers and what you have written are relevant to their products.

Whatever it takes, once you are earning from your blogs because of the ads, do not lose your focus. Always remember to write for yourself and for your readers. Always remember your niche and your target readers. Remember, you chose a certain topic for your blog because that is what you enjoy doing and that is where you are good at doing. You should always remember those things when you are writing content for your blog. For as long as you and your readers are learning something from what you wrote, you will definitely earn the loyalty of your readers.

I have seen a lot of blogs who deviated from what they have started. There are those who were just writing for their readers only, up to the extent that not for their readers only anymore but for the advertisers only. They forgot to write for themselves, and so they could not keep up with their writing as they are no longer enjoying it. They just keep their blogs because that is where they earn. The result is, they get burned out.

Do not make that mistake. Money is not everything. Money can help you but it should not be the center of your blogging experience and problogging existence even if the reason that you are problogging is actually because of money. Nevertheless, blog as long as you enjoy doing it. If you are into problogging, blog not just for yourself only, blog not just for your readers only, but blog for both yourself and your readers. The mere fact that I have been maintaining a lot of websites and blogs, I never get tired of them because I do it for myself and for my readers.

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