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Direct Ways to Make Money Online Problogging

Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 11:28 pm by ProBlogit.com

I have given you the ten points to starting and implementing a blog. Now it is time to make money online. There are several ways and methods to make money online. You can make money online by problogging. But the fact is, even if you do not have a blog, you can still make money online. Domaining and reselling are examples to make money online even without you blogging.

In this instance though, I would like to give you some ideas on what are the possible direct ways or direct methods to make money problogging. I have not explored the other ways and methods that I am going to discuss here but I know that it is possible to earn money from doing these methods. Precisely the reason why I have this blog, I would like to explore the other methods of making money online problogging.


Direct Ways or Direct Methods to Make Money Online Problogging

1. Advertising Programs

I have been doing this for quite some time, but as I was not really writing content too often, the results were not that good either. As I see it, this will improve if I will start regularly writing content for my blog. I am actually observing the performance of Google AdSense on my blogs right now.

You can make money online through advertising with the following:

Contextual Advertising Programs such as Google AdSense, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Shopping Ads, and WidgetBucks among others. These are the text and banner kinds of advertisements that you put on your sidebar, header or footer. It is normally on a pay per click basis, meaning you earn if someone clicks on the ads on your blog.

You have to know though that sometimes, it also depends on what country you are residing. For example, I tried Shopping Ads, but as I am not living in the United States, Pay Per Click was not available, only Pay Per Action, meaning you only earn when someone actually makes a purchase after clicking on the ad. I have not checked this for quite a long time, so I have no idea if there are some changes to the program.

Site-wide Ad Programs or Site-wide Links such as Text Link Ads, IntelliLinks, and AdBrite among others. These are the text based ads that you normally put in your sidebar, header or footer, almost like the other contextual ad programs but text basis only.

You can earn money if someone advertises on your blog. Your blog ad has a price already determined by the advertising network for the advertisers to see. You can earn on a monthly basis but sometimes advertisers prefer to advertise on a pro-rata basis. There will be times that the advertiser already paid for one month but decided to terminate the ad before the month ends. You only earn then based on the days that the ad was online.

In-Text Ad Programs or In-Content Links such as InLinks, Kontera, and IntelliLinks among others. These are also text based ads but placed right inside the body or content of your blog post or blog entry. These in-content text link ads are normally static in nature.

RSS Feed Ad Programs like FeedBurner. The ads are either text or banner but placed on the RSS feed of the blogs.

Among the advertising programs though, having the site-wide links and in-content links have its disadvantages as Google tends to penalize blogs which are having these kinds of advertising programs.

2. Affiliate Programs

I have not been so lucky with the affiliate programs as I was not really aggressive on pushing these kinds of making money online programs.

What is an affiliate anyway? An affiliate is someone who carries a program of an advertising network and then promote it.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs and networks, and you can earn through their affiliate programs. You earn if someone made a purchase or opened an account with the affiliate network you promote or with the program you promote. In effect, these programs sometimes but not most of the time involve a little amount of investments from someone you just referred.

There are affiliate programs though which do not involve money to earn, it will be based on the performance of the person you referred to become a publisher. For example, I am an affiliate of Text Link Ads and inLinks. Inlinks will pay me 10% of all revenue earned by publishers that I referred to them. InLinks is actually an advertising network providing in-content links advertising program. So the companies vary from advertising programs to shopping networks to any other kind of companies having affiliate programs.

3. Referral Programs

I separated referral programs with affiliate programs. I just would like to distinguish these referral programs done by non-affiliate networks from those affiliate referral programs done by affiliate networks.

For example, I am an affiliate of Dreamhost, Bluehost, and Lunarpages web hosting companies. These are not affiliate networks but you can earn through their referral programs. If you are going to open an account with these web hosting companies using my referral links, I will be earning a percentage from your investment. It could be on a recurring basis or one time payment only. Regarding your investment, you need the service anyway if you still do not have a web host.

4. Direct Advertising Sales / Sponsored Ads

These are direct advertisements on your blog which do not involve the affiliate networks. You contact the potential advertisers on your blog. You decide on the amount of the advertising space on your blog. In effect, you are like managing your own advertising program without the need of a middleman, which is actually the role of the affiliate networks between the advertiser and you as the publisher.

5. Selling Products

Obviously, the term itself can explain for itself, selling products on your own at your blogs. It involves a lot of technical knowhow though with regard to payment methods and there are still a lot of things to consider when selling products on your blog.

Selling Products like E-Books, Training Courses or Programs like Making Money Online Problogging Training Programs, and even your Copywriting Skills.

Selling Products through Membership Sites could be one of these methods but a membership site does not mean that it is a blog. So we will probably consider the method of selling products through membership sites as an indirect way of making money online.

6. Buying and Selling Blogs / Flipping Blogs

You probably have heard about it already but there is also a possibility that you have not even heard about it. Let me explain it. You can make money online by selling your blog that you have developed over the years to those who are willing to buy and assume what you have started. This is not really super easy as you need to have a blog with high traffic. There will be others who would be willing to buy a newly established blog, that is, upon knowing that there is actually a potential that your blog could earn them enough money once they takeover the management of your blog.

Those who are into the business of flipping blogs, or buying and selling blogs, knowing the potential that they could develop your blog will probably buy your blog at a minimal amount and then also sell the blog later on. It seems so easy but doing it would involve months and months to develop a blog for resale.

Imagine those who are into the business of buying and selling real estate, your real estate here is actually your blog.

7. Paid Blogging / Paid Problogging

Whether you are new or not in problogging, you probably have read these kinds of blog entries or blog reviews already. These blog entries reviewing a certain product or service or company, or a certain website or even another blog are normally requested and paid by the company or website or blog which is being reviewed. You can earn money by giving your opinions and feedback about the products, services, companies, websites or other blogs. Companies giving bloggers the opportunities to earn through paid blogging are ReviewMe and Pay Per Post.

This is to distinguish though from reviews done by the bloggers which do not involve any remuneration. I, for example, have not done these kinds of reviews but I have been writing and reviewing products, travel destinations, hotels among others because I just like giving other people some insights and ideas about the places I have visited and the hotels where I stayed.

There are still a lot of direct ways to make money online problogging but these are so far the most widely used direct methods to earn money problogging. But let me give you too an idea what are some of the indirect ways to make money blogging.

Indirect Ways or Indirect Methods to Earn Money Blogging

1. Business Opportunity
2. Copywriting Opportunity
3. Consultancy Opportunity
4. Employment Opportunity
5. Book Publishing Opportunity
6. Speaking Engagements Opportunity

In summary, on making money online problogging, you can actually earn via two ways or two methods that I have discussed above, by doing the direct ways and indirect ways to make money online problogging or simply blogging.

If you sign up or join inLinks or Text Link Ads using my referral links, I will earn from it but only if you are already earning or make a purchase.
If you sign up or join DreamHost, Bluehost or Lunarpages using my referral links, I will earn from it.

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