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How to Set Nameservers, How to Change Nameservers

Friday, October 1, 2010 @ 9:28 pm by ProBlogit.com

Setting the nameservers or changing the nameservers is required when you set up a Website. I already wrote about this topic, How to Set Nameservers, How to Change Nameservers, with all the details and illustrations at Sehdi.com.

As usual, I again used GoDaddy and DreamHost in this example. I am comfortable using GoDaddy and DreamHost. I like the features of GoDaddy as a domain registrar and DreamHost as a web hosting provider.

How to Set Nameservers or How to Change Nameservers

Proceed to GoDaddy or your domain name registrar.

1. Login by supplying your username and password.

2. Click the domain name, for example, DOMAIN-NAME-WHATEVER.COM.

3. Click Set Nameservers under “Nameservers”.

4. Replace the current nameservers, if there are any, with DreamHost nameservers if your web host is DreamHost.

The Dreamhost nameservers are the following:


Enter NS1.DREAMHOST.COM at the space corresponding to Nameserver 1

Enter NS2.DREAMHOST.COM at the space corresponding to Nameserver 2

Enter NS3.DREAMHOST.COM at the space corresponding to Nameserver 3

5. Click the button “OK” after you supplied the new nameservers.

A pop-up window will open with this text:

“Your changes have been submitted. Please allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.”

5. Click the button “OK”.

That’s it!

You will have to wait for 48-72 hours for the DNS to propagate. I am not going to explain to you what is DNS propagation but it is important for you to know that this process is needed.

Disclosure: As an affiliate, if you decide to register a domain name with GoDaddy, and get a web hosting account with DreamHost, I am going to earn from it.

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