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Surprise Gift from Google

Thursday, June 11, 2009 @ 3:18 pm by ProBlogit.com

Last Monday FedEx delivered a package for me but I was not able to get it. FedEx left a note where to call to schedule another delivery. They also called up but I was on the other line so I was not able to talk to the caller. I was already wondering who could possibly sent me a package because I did not receive any notice from my family or friends to expect any package.

The next morning I called the toll free line of FedEx. Upon hearing the prepared instructions, I thought I had to pick up the package as I heard nothing about new delivery but a new pick up schedule. I just dialed the number for pick up and when I asked the lady that FedEx told my husband to call to schedule another delivery, she said the package will in fact be going to be delivered to me. I asked the lady from whom was the package but she only said about Leed’s and it had something to do with electronics.

A few minutes before 2:00pm the delivery lady of FedEx arrived. I did not open the package right away as I was thinking that maybe it was just a mistake. I looked at all the papers accompanying the package. It was not written on the paper what kind of electronics or things were inside the package. There was no indication that it was from Google but somewhere written was this company called Think Big Creations. I searched for Think Big Creations and there I found some products like Google being sold.

I really hesitated opening the package but then I thought to myself that it was after all addressed to me so it must really be for me. When I opened the package, I had the back of the box facing me so I thought it was not from Google. Then I just realized that I had the back and when I turned it around, there it was, Google and underneath it was LEED’S.

I opened the box and there I saw a Google optical mouse, a wireless mouse in fact, a receiver for the mouse which I first thought a flash drive, a PS/2 adaptor for the mouse, a Google 4-port USB Hub, and a Google ballpen.

I was really surprised. I did not know what made Google to send me this nice gift. I searched the net and found out that some people already got this kind of package as a Christmas gift way back in December 2005 in a sort of leather-type case. So what made Google sent me this package when it is not even Christmas yet? There was no letter at all to explain anything.

I received a Christmas gift certificate from Google worth 100 Swiss Francs in 2007 for being an AdSense publisher but the certificate was for AdWords. It just expired on December 31, 2008 but never really used it. Then last year dated November 20, 2008, I got another Christmas Google gift certificate worth 75 Swiss Francs as an AdSense publisher and the certificate was again for AdWords but have not used it yet.

I really did not expect anything from Google despite the gift certificates. When I read about this Google gift, some mentioned that it had something to do with being a big earner AdSense publisher or AdWords advertiser. But I am neither of the two, I am not a big earner AdSense publisher neither do I advertise using AdWords. I do not know the requirements or policies of Google for me to get a surprise Google gift, it is not even Christmas yet, but I tell you, I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much Google AdSense! Thank you very much Google!

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