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Make Money Online with Google AdSense for Search

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 @ 11:41 pm by ProBlogit.com

AdSense for Search is another way to make money with Google AdSense not only from AdSense for Content. A lot of bloggers and even probloggers do not realize the potential of AdSense for Search. If you read my blog entry about making money from Google AdSense, you should have seen that there are several ways to make money with Google AdSense. But it is not easy to implement everything especially since the other features are still in beta and for invitation only.

So, the next best thing to earn from Google AdSense is through AdSense for Search, that is if you know know how to really make use of this search box. You have got to optimize your search box so users and readers will see them immediately. Do not let them search for your search box. That is why the search box is there for your readers to use it if they would like to search for something.

Do not hide your search box, it is a necessary tool to help your readers especially if you have a lot of blog entries. Place it in an area in your blog where they will see it immediately just like what I have done on this blog. The more the users see your search box, the more they will use it.

You do not earn when your readers use the search box. But you will definitely earn money from AdSense for Search if your readers use the search box and then click the advertisement at the search results page. If the users will not click on the ad at the search results page, then you will not receive any earnings. But if the users see that the ad is relevant from what they are looking for, they are normally clicking the ad.

If you are going to implement what I have done, observe how often your readers use your search box and share with us your experience. In my case, I have seen an increase at the way my readers use my search boxes in my other blogs. I know, that is why I am recommending it to you to make use of your search box. One more thing, do not forget to customize the appearance of the search results and ads.

For more information, please visit AdSense for Search Help section of Google AdSense.

1 Comment to “Make Money Online with Google AdSense for Search”

  1. Kim says:

    i am pretty new to this Make money online stuff. i started making money online by monetizing my blogs and websites using Adsense, Adbrite and Kontera. i have yet to try affiliate marketing.