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How to Sign Up with Twitter, How to Get More Twitter Followers

Friday, December 18, 2009 @ 9:24 pm by ProBlogit.com

I suggested that you try to make money online with Twitter on my last blog entry. I just realized that you probably do not have a Twitter account yet. So, before you can make money online with Twitter, you need to have a Twitter account first.

How to sign up with Twitter?

1. Go to Twitter and click the Sign up now button.



1. Go directly to this link, Sign up with Twitter.


2. Enter your first name and last name.

3. Enter the username you would like to use with Twitter.

4. Enter the password.

Please provide a difficult password.

5. Enter the email address you would like to use with Twitter.

There is a spam protection box that you need to type some words being provided and powered by reCAPTCHA.

6. Type the words (above) then.

7. Click Create my account button.

That’s it.

If there is a need to verify your account, check the inbox of the email address that you use for signing up with Twitter.

Follow the instruction at the email that you received and that’s it.

Now that you have a Twitter account, you need to have followers to be able to get advertisers to get you to promote their messages. This is where you are going to make money online with Twitter and Ad.ly Ads.

How to get more Twitter followers?

There are several ways to get more followers.

One way is, search Twitter and see who are into your niche or topic and follow them.

It is either they will follow you back or not follow you at all.

But it is not only about following them, you need to write messages too.

Write at least several messages everyday related to your niche or topic.

In my case, I do not write messages everyday but I am sure that it is one way to get followers based on my observation in Twitter.

Another way is, write messages related to “Make Money Online with Twitter“.

For example, if you read my last blog entry, Make Money Online with Twitter and Twitter messages on November 19, 2009, you will read there that within a day even without following anyone in Twitter, I was able to get more than 70 followers.

Before November 19, 2009, I only had less than 30 followers. Just because I mentioned “Make Money Online with Twitter”, I reached 100 followers within 7 hours.

The problem is, I was not able to maintain my followers as it is not really my habit to use Twitter everyday.

But if you are into Twitter and you would like to make money online with Twitter, try it out.

You will never know what could happen after you sign up with Twitter and Ad.ly.

But remember:

Write messages everyday related to your niche or topic.

Write something related to “Make Mone Online” or “Make Money Online with Twitter”.

Follow those who followed you. If they unfollow you, unfollow them too, unless you like to really follow them.

But bear in mind not to follow the spammers though. You might get a big problem there.

Follow those twitterers who are related to your niche or topic.

If those twitterers follow you, then good. If they do not follow you, you have the option to unfollow them.

That’s it! Good luck!

If you sign up or join Ad.ly using my referral link, I will earn from it but only if you are already earning.

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