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My new Problogging Venture

Friday, April 3, 2009 @ 10:25 am by ProBlogit.com

I was supposed to start my new problogging venture on the first day of the year but opted to wait until I am ready. But I have kept on asking myself, when am I really going to be ready for it. It has been three months since then, and I have not written anything until yesterday.

I have been reading several problogging blogs before this venture. When I was reading other blogs, something caught my attention and that I should have at least five to ten prepared articles before I launch my problogging blog. It somehow hindered me to launch ProBlogit.com as I could not just sit and write anything before launching. I am not in the habit of preparing articles for my blogs for publication in the next few days. I just write whatever I thought is worth to publish for today. I guess that is what you are doing too.

So there you are, I launched my problogging blog yesterday without a champagne, without a toast, and definitely without a party.

Once again, Welcome to ProBlogit.com!

Join me in my new problogging venture! Let us earn some money problogging!

1 Comment to “My new Problogging Venture”

  1. cheh says:

    Wow! Am excited about this site! looking fwd to find more of mararaket natin hehe Goodluck to your new venture sofs! 🙂